Interview with…

February 25, 2008,

Pixel aka Daisuke-san.


I had the chance to ask the creator of Doukutsu Monogatari (Cave Story in english) a few questions.
His loyalty to the community of his games is big, even if there might be some miscommunication in the language barrier.

First of all, thank you for taking your time and answering my questions…
I’m a BIG fan of your works and especially Doukutsu Monogatari. To tell you the truth, when i came to the last area of Doukutsu Monogatari and saw the sign in the sky that said: “This is the end” i almost started to cry… damn, i never wanted the game to end 😦

Me: So, what is the main reason you can not or would not make a sequal to
Doukutsu Monogatari?

Pixel: I cant afford to make time, and even if i could afford to make time i would put my time to make other games.

Me: What other games inspires you when it comes to create your own game?
What is your favorite videogame?

I love the NES (Famicon)
The Game Boy is also a favorite.
I like action scrolling games.
I like Metroid.

Me: No suprise there 🙂

Characters from Doukutsu Monogatari / Cave Story

Me: What is your hobby except from making good games?

Pixel: Painting and electronic piano. But once again, i dont have any time.
The Electronic piano in the room was very cold. (Haven’t been used in a long time)

Me: What is your favorite color, animal and food?

Pixel: Gray and orange. Yellow and blue.

Me: Awesome ^.^

Me: Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?
Pixel: We would like to make other games in the future.

– – –

If you would like to play Cave Story in english please visite the translators page here or the fansite with alot of extras over here. A remix-project of the music is highly recommended over here. If you wanna try a PSP-port head over here.

And here is a Audiosurf-gameplay. Audiosurf can be bought at Steampowered.com for only 9.95 USD. Well worth it.


Halo 3 Ending

September 23, 2007,

This is the ending in Halo 3, people seems to like this game, so here it is. 50% gameplay and 50% cutscenes.
Playing on normal. Becouse iam normal… right?


First footage of Halo

April 19, 2007,

This is how Halo was meant to be in the first place. Running on a Mac.

I belive this is from somewhere close to 1999, a confirmation would be great.


Joining Joost – Beta

April 12, 2007,


Joost is a application for watching TV shows and other distrubuted videos online. Niklas Zennström, the creator, is also the founder of both KaZaA and Skype… my crystal ball Internets tells me he have good knowledge of network protocols.

I got into the second beta, here are my thoughts about it so far.



  • The quality in fullscreen is alot better then i expected
  • Easy and understanding menus and layout.
  • Watch anything when YOU want, pause and continue when YOU want.


  • Commercials jump right into your show your watchin without a warning, might be a bug.
  • Shows are limited to the country you currently are located in.
  • ABC, FOX, CBS and the bigger boys Need to bring the larger shows into Joost.


Even thou channels are meant to be limited for each country, there is a hack out there.


Crying Baby – Crackdown Style

March 17, 2007,

NHL94 Cascade Compilation

March 13, 2007,

A load of one of the best NHL game ever.

(Note to EA: You wont make a better hockey game… now make an onlineversion out of NHL94 already… Xbox Live *hint hint*)


Worms HD on Xbox Live

March 10, 2007,

My first ranked match turned out to be good.

Enjoy the music without soundeffects.