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First footage of Halo

April 19, 2007,

This is how Halo was meant to be in the first place. Running on a Mac.

I belive this is from somewhere close to 1999, a confirmation would be great.


Joining Joost – Beta

April 12, 2007,


Joost is a application for watching TV shows and other distrubuted videos online. Niklas Zennström, the creator, is also the founder of both KaZaA and Skype… my crystal ball Internets tells me he have good knowledge of network protocols.

I got into the second beta, here are my thoughts about it so far.



  • The quality in fullscreen is alot better then i expected
  • Easy and understanding menus and layout.
  • Watch anything when YOU want, pause and continue when YOU want.


  • Commercials jump right into your show your watchin without a warning, might be a bug.
  • Shows are limited to the country you currently are located in.
  • ABC, FOX, CBS and the bigger boys Need to bring the larger shows into Joost.


Even thou channels are meant to be limited for each country, there is a hack out there.